Throwback of the week (5th July 2020)

Pulp – Disco 2000

My first throwback just had to be this! Now, if you know me, this will not come as a shock. For me, this band, and this song in particular are very heavily part of my life. I adore everything about them, and their lead is next up on my tattoo list. I have chosen this one song, which is hard from this particular band, because they’re all very strong indeed, but today, my 1st throwback of the week choice, has to be Pulp’s notorious tune ‘Disco 2000’.

Pulp are a staple band of the britpop, 90’s music scene anyway, but to me they hold such a special significance in my heart that I just adore this song. Between the up beat tempo, the randomness of every part, and also not forgetting the amazing video to it, it is hard to not love it.

The lyrics have always struck odd to me, but after being informed about it and doing my own research, I learned that Deborah is actually a very famous mental health nurse, who was good friends since childhood with Jarvis Cocker. He talks about how they should meet up once older, and he never knew how she’d get married, etc. It’s cool when you think someone exists behind these songs?

My favourite thing about ‘Disco 2000’ is my ability to sing it as if I am Jarvis himself on stage, belting out every word and every single person you are with gets behind you, and it just lights up the entire room! Pulp have been good at doing this, ‘Common People’ is another example of a “karaoke classic” that is just elating to hear.

I do acknowledge, this track isn’t the most advanced musically, I have no miss illusions that it will ever be considered for massive awards, or be noted in Britain’s best ever songs, but as far as the other things music does for us, like brings us together, brightens moods, offers an escape, it is pretty perfect. I am a right dramatic sod anyway, and this song lets me break out my inner diva and I am always up for some Diva Al!

But, if you are having a bit of a tough time, you should listen to this song. No song will ever get me like ‘Disco 2000’, so many associated memories, good and bad, and so much I could talk about. To me, Jarvis is a legend and everything he does is so mixed, different and just plain crackers! And I just couldn’t love it anymore if I tried, and if you read this today, just listen again. Just listen and appreciate the story told throughout, because it truly is such a class song, and I hope you all listen and remember this forever! Al’s jam, baby! Seriously, enjoy the tunes, the sunshine and all that.

Words: Al Burke

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