Larry Pink the Human – Love You, Bye

Release Date – 24th April 2020

Record Label – Brainsoup

Words: Charlie Kempen

Who is Larry Pink the Human: Balloon filled with helium or a man who has been left numb?

‘Love You, Bye’ is the latest offering from new dynamic duo that forms Larry Pink the Human. The duo consists of Laurie Vincent, one half of punk rock band Slaves and Jaylon Thomas who has produced music for heavy hitters such as U2 and Royal Blood. Love You, Bye is completely different from anything in the pair’s discography and lends itself to the synth pop sound of the eighties with an undeniable British edge.

The pair provides honest, vulnerable and melancholy lyrics backed by danceable floating melodies supported by gentle guitar riffs. The track makes you want to appreciate the ones around you – considering that earlier in June the lyricist and voice of the duo experienced the tragic loss of his wife Emma-Jane. This gives the emotionally charged lyrics an extremely heavy weight to them.

The music video that accompanies Larry Pink the Human’s debut single is one of sentiment and honesty. The video is directed by Keane Pearce Shaw, who has worked with the likes of Sam Fender, Adidas and David Beckham. Shaw asked the actors that feature in the video to each bring an item that meant something special to them and they each tell their stories to a balloon about their item. This signifies for many people the grinds of everyday life, feeling like you’re sometimes talking into absolute thin air about struggles we face.

On a whole this debut release from Larry Pink the Human feels like a well thought out project with the potential to become more than just a musical experiment. I can’t wait to see what else comes from the duo in the future.

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