Michael Butera – The Green Garden

Release Date – 21st July 2020

Record Label – Unsigned

Words: Mimi Brock-Stark

Talented and expressional Aussie Michael Butera charms his fans with his latest track ‘The Green Garden’.

‘The Green Garden’ is an Alternative pop ballad with cinematic movements in its arrangement, expressing a fantasy story of living in a world with your true love.

Butera is sure to set the scene with enchanting piano playing, and beautifully paints the picture of ‘The Green Garden’ to mirror his feelings of a strong deep love. Michael is not hesitant in taking you on a journey filled with love, hope and energy as you slowly begin to unravel ‘The Green Garden’ into your own imagination. As a self proclaimed movie lover, Michael is not afraid to experiment with cinematic elements within his craft as adventure is always key, which is definitely proven within this tale.

‘The Green Garden’ was born when Michael was adventuring the world. During this time he was based in Canada where he was able to experience such a deep love like no other and gave him the imagination, thoughts and desires to move to a fantasy place with your true love and have the perfect house and the perfect garden with the intention of living happily ever after. 

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