No Such Thing Records Launch

This is not just another record label, trust me!

I was scrolling down my emails at work today and came across one from ‘No Such Thing Records’. Expecting a song or press release, I was presently surprised by what I read and would like to share with you the fantastic news.

No Such Thing Records is launching on Friday 26th February 2021 and is providing us with a fresh new take on how to run a record label. Ran by Dirty Freud and Ruby Tingle, they aim to challenge the boundaries facing minorities within the music industry, setting themselves an ambitious, yet achievable target of having a roster 70% complete with LGBTQ+ and Black and minority ethnic artists.

As I spoke about on this weeks news video, the difficulties all musicians face in regards to streaming and the monetary value involved in that is astronomical, without even considering the further obstacles minority artists face, so what No Such Thing are doing is a breath of fresh air and we should all be onboard with what they are trying to achieve.

They’re Northern (which is only a positive), they’re independent and they are most importantly, forward thinking!

You can find No Such Thing Records here!

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