SC.Undercover – Morals

Release Date – 20th July

Record Label – Unsigned

Words: Sam Cooke

Google says morals is a lesson that can be derived from a story or experience. Me personally? I define morals as the perfect summer anthem.

Birmingham artist SC.Undercover brings us a joyous sounding track ‘Morals’ which is oozing with darker themes in relation to his own personal mental health issues portrayed through the use of a character scarred by his past. 

The beat throughout this devilish track, is beautifully simplistic and sets a rather devious tone to the track. Everything about the instrumental makes you think sunshine, sex, beaches and everything else nice. 

This is all a decoy though, as the song is actually rather more than skin deep. It gets its name from the story it tells about the artist and the struggles, mistakes and regrets they have, and how they gain morals from it.

It’s brilliantly put together, everything fits perfectly and it’s able to either stand alone or as a part of this unusual concoction of genres used to showcase the music exposed to people such as SCU growing up in urban areas of Britain.

Keep an eye on SCU – Anyone can see a falling star in the sky but how many times can you genuinely say you watched it rise?

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