Tony Goff & The Broken Colours – Rearrange

Release Date – 22th July 2020

Record Label – Unsigned

Words: Harry Collis

‘Rearrange’ is a bright, forward thinking tune, with a message to chase your dreams. 

It’s hard to pin point what genre this wonderful track ‘Rearrange’ would fall into, as for me, it’s under a large umbrella. It’s indie infused with a hint of folk. I feel you’ve got a very special band when they manage to blend in more than one genre into a single song. With a vocalist who has a similar sound to Ross Farrelly of Irish outfit ‘The Strypes’, it’s clear for all who listen just how talented this group are.

It’s a dandy tune, one that could get you up to dance, the lyrics are mesmerising, and completely captivating; it’s a story teller. “Do what scares you baby, don’t ever hesitate” are words that ring around in my brain – sometimes we have to take a risk to be truly happy in life.

I can only imagine what this song would be like at a live show. One that will get you singing with your mates, thinking about the good times, forgetting about all your problems. This high energy song is sure to appeal to a whole aspect of music fans and is arguably their finest release to date.

Tony Goff & The Broken Colours are a fun, honest band who are just doing what they do best: pumping out feel good tracks time after time. If you travel back to 2018 and their release ‘Duel’ you can hear progression from the band. ‘Duel’ is a sombre number, filled with the use of rocking solos and powerful vocals. ‘Rearrange’ however, is more reliant on the lyrical prowess of front-man Tony Goff and alongside the ever present hard hitting guitar riffs, making it a tune you just have to hear.

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