Charlotte Clark – Disarray

Release Date – 28th July 2020

Record Label – Unsigned

Words: Charlie Kempen

Charlotte embarks on a mournful yet empowering journey through a past relationship.

Charlotte Clark released her single ‘Disarray’ earlier this month and what a pleasant experience I was met with. The song was produced by British singer Kwassa and was mixed by Odd Martin, who has worked with the likes of Sigrid and Aurora. The song mixes powerful lyrics with extreme vulnerability. Stand out lyrics such as “I’m putting on a masquerade, Cause you don’t wanna see me in a disarray” provide a sense that you shouldn’t be hiding the painful parts of a relationship to meet a partners expectations of what the relationship should be like. It highlights that appearances may be deceiving, and all may not be well on the inside.

The song has the quintessential alt-pop sound with remnants of artists such as Banks, Maggie Rogers and has a slight feel of The 1975. The emotionally weighted lyrics are a stark contrast with the tranquil, euphoric melodies and the velvety vocals. The melodies overall seem very warm, welcoming and they radiate sunshine to me, which makes the sombre lyrics pack a harder punch. The song very much could soundtrack a monumental moment from a coming of age movie.

I have been entirely encapsulated by the aura that Charlotte’s music gives off and can’t wait to see what other gems she has to offer.

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