H.U.M.A.N – Paradise

Release Date – 6th August 2020

Record Label – Unsigned

Words: Charlie Kempen

Taking modern indie out of black and white and transforms it into the technicolour.

‘Paradise’ is the debut single from Manchester duo H.U.M.A.N. Forming a love affair between modern day indie rock and 1980s new wave and creating the perfect blend of old and new, they collaborated with their close friend and unofficial member of the band, Tom Foulkes, who is a director, engineer and producer.  The final touches and mastering were added by Loic Gaillard from Motor Museum Studios in Liverpool.

This tune is gut-punching with an infectious head-bopping bass line making this an instant feel good tune. The calypso rhythms make you feel as though you are sipping a cocktail at Club Tropicana. With their music strongly influenced by the likes of Duran Duran, Genesis, The Cure and even bands such as The Killers and Kings of Leon, the funky guitar riffs and catchy hooks instantly transport you back a time of dodgy perms and shell suits.

As they have said themselves they “like to think H.U.M.A.N is a band for those that missed the opportunity to see boundary pushing decades of technology and sound and give it to them in a form that still represents energetic present day music.”

Many young people look back on the 80s in envy as it was a time of such a significant cultural shift – especially with things such as Live Aid and some of the fabulous fashion that came out of the decade. As a young person now, I would have loved to have been a part of the electric buzz that was the 80s, but this duo gives you the ability to be able to live out your wildest neon fantasies. Paradise is also perfect for those who are seeking a walk down memory lane to reminisce about the hay days to. The song itself has potential for a very versatile audience as they can grab the attention of those who are seeking nostalgia and those who want to be submersed into the past.

The pair have been already making a start with online streaming events such as Recloc8 Live that was raising money to save some of our much-loved venues, but they will be playing shows around the UK in 2021. I can imagine that Paradise will certainly provide an electric live experience and I for one will definitely be keeping an eye on this pair to see what direction their career takes next.

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