Natalia Adhya – Shame

Release Date – 5th August 2020

Record Label – Unsigned

Words: Al Burke

‘Shame’ is the debut single release from Natalia Adhya, a singer songwriter from the notoriously amazing and musically diverse city of Manchester. She refers to her influences as Jorja Smith, Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse and grime influence. And, honestly, this is pretty spot on. Natalia has mastered the sound of the modern charts, offering a beautiful vocal range mixed with the element of rap that is so strongly enjoyed and celebrated by our generation.

Natalia has an undeniably beautiful voice, her range and ability to hold all kinds of notes is shown throughout this track, she is soft and gentle but all so very powerful. She holds strength and character in her voice, whilst it still being tonally soothing on the ears. She brings in her soulful vibe to the modern R&B track. Sometimes.

I find tracks like this can ride off the back of the rap section. But, for Natalia, and her vocals, she has the ability to do this with or without this particular section. It would be a crime for her to not explore different tempos and styles.

The opening bars are striking, her gentle harmony and the sole piano are somewhat extraordinary, and her voice shows off her talent;  she gradually introduces in the effective components of electronic R&B music one by one. After a moment of perfect melodies, her unique rapping sets the tone and it’s perfectly timed and placed, and it re-sparks the listeners interest in the song with an additional element that is completely juxtaposed to her vocals. It fits the vibe I believe she wants to portray and makes it fit the criteria of modern day mainstream music.

I can see Natalia doing well, she has no issues navigating her way around a synth, and for a debut release, with the right production, would undoubtedly fit right into the charts, and make its way onto the likes of BBC Radio 1XTRA and even Radio 1. It rings very true with modern culture and mainstream media, and ultimately, that can only be a positive for a lot of musicians. 

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