Priestgate – Now

Release Date – 27th July 2020

Record Label – Unsigned

Words: Dan Smith

In a pub in Driffield the people scream “we want tunes” and Priestgate have duly delivered with ‘Now’.

East Yorkshire indie band Priestgate heard your call and brought to life the aforementioned ‘Now’. What more could you want from the five-piece? You’ve got a beat you’d picture along side a scene in the movies when the protagonist runs across unimaginable distances just to find that special person and scream, “I LOVE YOU!”

One thing I would like to point out is the vocals on this track, which are reminiscent of a time gone by allowing you to close your eyes and fondly remember your favourite trip with your closest friends, you know the one you threw up all over on.

The instrumental element to ‘Now’ just makes me feel happy. The fast paced drums alongside a synth The Cure would be proud of are infectious and it only gets better as the song progresses. It is difficult to put into words the true nature of how good this track really is. The first time I listened I was honestly speechless.

The track has been met with heaps of positive feedback from the likes of ‘Far Out’ and ‘Reyt Good’ magazines and it is easy to understand why. ‘Now’ is the track which will stay stuck in your head for days on end, but you just won’t get sick of it. In the future, this is most definitely going to be a jukebox favourite in bars up and down the country.

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