The Common View – Early Grey

Release Date – 3rd August 2020

Record Label – Unsigned

Words: Dan Smith

Leeds outfit The Common View are using their single ‘Early Grey’ to raise awareness for poor mental health and the importance of mental wellbeing.

Kicking off the tune with an energable guitar riff and loveable synth,  ‘Early Grey’ has a real Strokes vibe to it. The lyrics especially are used to express the hardship all our mental wellbeing has taken during the lockdown and the band discuss the difficulties they have faced.

“Push everyone who’s around you, only time will tell if you will stay to see another day,” are lyrics which especially resonated with me and I’m sure with many of you. Ultimately, ‘Early Grey’ tells us a story of the difficult feelings we all face, not just in lockdown but in life itself. The musical aspect to this song is also fantastic, with a chorus you just want to scream along with the boys, the music almost sounds happy and hopeful. There is a happy ending and there is help out there.

I feel like the final lyrics of the song drive this point home: “But you’ll be fine, it’s never too late to bring back the sunshine”.  This is a message we should all remember and live by – although life may seem tough, you may feel down and out, but things do get better, tomorrow is a new day and “it’s never too late to bring back the sunshine.”

Not only is ‘Early Grey’ a great song, it is also part of a charity campaign ran by The Common View to help raise money and awareness for local Leeds charity ‘Leeds Mind’.

You can get involved in the numerous ways listed below:

A. Donate directly – First and foremost, we are pushing this fundraising campaign ahead of and during the release of Early Grey, as a way for people to donate as much or as little as you can to Leeds Mind (

B. Order/buy our single on Itunes – For 79p people can pre-order/buy the song from the Itunes store. All of the money will go directly towards Leeds Mind after processing through our distributor. Link to Itunes: 

C. Stream our song on Spotify (Link above) – We’ve pledged all of the royalties we receive from streaming services towards the charity, so people can still contribute to the cause even if you can’t afford to donate directly.

D. Buy a T-shirt – We are in the process of producing some T-shirts based on the music video we are making (check our social media sites for more info and designs, etc.). All of the profits made from the T-shirts will go towards Leeds Mind.

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