All Night Dining – There Must’ve Been a Reason

Release Date – 1st October 2020

Words: Sam Cooke

The beat to this track is beautifully spear-headed by a guitar melody that could make Jimi Hendrix question his talent. It gives it something I like to call “The Indie Effect” which is when an artist uses a deceptively upbeat instrumental to mask the pain and sorrow hidden within the lyrics.

 In a city brimming with talent and opportunity for up and coming artists in any genre, this track and the writing stand well above most, especially when you learn the band has only been together for a year! The story is one told by a musician a thousand times over wanting somebody no longer available to us, it’s an emotion we all share after all.

But it’s different to what we normally receive in terms of story, it’s less about a love lost than one about a love never given the chance. And how many of you sitting at home can say you don’t relate to not shooting your shot? Thought so. Well all I can say is the boys have definitely learned their lesson and decided to shoot their shot with this track, they aimed for the stars and honestly, they might clear them and set a whole new benchmark.

The vocals are honestly just superb. They have that classic indie feel we all know and love from artists such as Sam Fender and Catfish And the Bottlemen, but as with the guitar and writing there’s something slightly different that really sets these lads apart.

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