Cardo Durant – Drunk Calling Pt. 1

Release Date – 23rd December 2020

Words: Sam Cooke

Now let’s take a deeper dive into this track, one that takes on the daunting task of painting a very clear story, however, in this instance we have a twist. This time, up and coming sensation Cardo Durant tells his tale from the perspective of the helpless woman blinded by alcohol and love rather than the usual arrogant rapper and his story. His use of language and situation to attempt to get into the psyche of a woman for this track is amazing and I, very unqualified for this as I am a man, think he’s done an outstanding job in the way it makes me imagine the unlikely protagonist on her journey. 

Accompanying the smooth voice of Durant with his real down to earth lyrics we have a bear built to disarm and infect the listener. I’m serious, the rhythm and tropical instrumentals used through out allow an almost out of life experience for us rather imagining souls, I genuinely can feel the heat of the Barbados bearing down on my nice tanned face while my ice cold mojito keeps me going. 

Every line feels perfectly delivered without a single hint of being uncomfortable behind the mic or in his abilities, truly a marvellous characteristic evident with the punctuation of every syllable.

Overall this track is simply mind blowing, yet another star for the future here and to be honest I’m starting to struggle to keep up. The future of music is bright and listen now if you want to hear the first step in a revolution of sound. 

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