Charles Connolly – To See My Lover Again

Release Date – 1st December 2020

Words: Sam Cooke

However in some instances the strength of ones heart is enough to shed light on even the darkest of situations. One such personal struggle and example of pain is the eloquently named and beautifully written ‘To See My Lover Again” by Charles Connolly, an intricate story of a man missing his partner during this hard time for us all. 

The story is one so heavy and rich with content the softness of the vocals almost give you a fear of the entire thing collapsing on itself and yet somehow, like a bee in flight, it defies all known logic and holds its place. Charles has the creamy soft voices more associated with a time we as a society no longer embrace and has earned him very just praise, after all his voice is so soft and gentle it truly baffles me how is it something that delicate can make my heart feel this heavy? 

The truly remarkable thing however, is how much solo effort is put into Connolly’s music from the very first idea to the production and everything in between, and you can tell, honestly you can. But not because of any faults or lack of experience in any specific area but because it has that vital ingredient every emotional track needs, emotion. I know that’s an obvious observation but every now and again it’s nice to notice an artists heart and soul laid bare in every element of the track. 

One very prominent example is the instrumental, one filled with joy and laughter yet equally weighed down by the burden of pain and reminiscence. It tells the story of any long distance relationship, the meaning is still there as is the love and happiness from interacting with one another, however the distance can cripple even the strongest man as the inability to simply hug your significant other can really weigh on the heart and every single note in this track beautifully captures all the emotions involved in loving someone through a phone. 

Honestly this track is nothing short of mind blowing, when I heard Connolly had been likened to George Michael I was naturally sceptical, yet the hype held. They say the brightest stars burn out the quickest however for Connollys sake I hope that isn’t true because one listen of his music will tell you he has a very bright future ahead of him, very bright indeed!

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