Foo Fighters – Shame Shame

‘Shame Shame’ starts with Taylor Hawkins on a nice simple drumbeat, reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age, before going in a completely different direction. To me, this was a brave song to return with! It’s not usual Foo Fighters style! It’s slowed down and more mellow than usual, providing a more tranquil vibe for the listeners. It has what I could only describe as a haunting sound, with Dave weeping “oooh” as he creeps into the chorus, giving me goosebumps as he did so.

It will be interesting to see where they place this track in a live show because I can’t see it being an opener or an ender. During the track, the guitars get slightly heavier making you think it’s going to gain tempo, and return to their usual style, although it never really does. The lyrics are quite dark & incredibly meaningful in the traditional Foo Fighters way.

It was brilliant to see Dave Grohl and co push the boat out and try and experiment with a different sound. Mesmerising that after 25 years, they still have the passion to innovate and make brilliant music.

I rate ‘Shame Shame’. I’m very excited to see what else the band has in store for us! It’s meant to be a big year for the band and a powerful slow jam, which does have you feeling slightly shaken, won’t harm that.

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