Grace Bland – She Kinda Looks Like Me

Release Date – 23rd November 2020

Words: Kim Holder

After the success of her other two releases ‘Pity Parties’ and ‘Human’ being loved by Spotify editors and stations in the South West, Grace has released her much-anticipated ‘She Kinda Looks Like Me’. This latest release combines her signature indie-pop style with a darker, electro-pop feel which has produced an enticing and atmospheric track that has already gained attention from radio stations across the South West.

To me, this track is about when an ex-lover is trying to replace you with someone very similar to you, looks and personality-wise but are being oblivious to it. However, this song has an empowering take on it, with the lyrics “oh she kinda looks like me”, “she can’t love you the same way” and “you must notice every similarity”. These lyrics suggest that she has the upper hand as she realises that her lover may have found someone else, as they may look similar but it will never be her and they won’t have the same bond between each other.

I love the sound of this track, Grace’s voice is so beautiful and empowering. It makes it a very enticing track to listen to and the electro-pop sound gives the right atmosphere for the topic that is sung about, making it a stunning work of art.

Overall, I enjoyed this track and I believe that Grace’s popularity will keep growing with releases like this one. I recommend this track highly to anyone but especially if you’re a fan of Sabrina Carpenter, Maisie Peters or Bea Miller.

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