Idler Wheel – If I Catch Fire

Release Date – 2nd October

Words: Dan Smith

You can really hear the inluences of 2000’s bands such as Interpol and Arcade Fire with Idler Wheel’s new release. With vocals full of pain, the song to me just seemed to fit in perfectly with what seems to be the mood of the year. 

In these weird, uncertain times, Idler Wheel have picked us up with ‘If I Catch Fire’ which really made me reflect when listening. Wether this is due to the simple, elegant keyboard played softly in the background, or the lovely guitar in the foreground, I just thoroughly enjoyed listening to this song.

Vocally and musically, it is very relaxing and like I said, really did make me reflect on the year I’m sure we all wish never happened. This is the sort of song played in a rom-com as someone looks ominously into the distance as rain pours. 

Stream ‘If I Catch Fire’ here and be as mesmerised as I was – definitely one for the upcoming winter playlists!

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