Iris – Them

Release Date – 16th December 2020

Words: Dan Smith

As stated by herself, “I’m trying to do more fun pop-disco inspired things but also integrate more soul and rock vibes into it” which can definitely be heard in her new track ‘Them’.

The whole vibe of this track suits Iris’ vocals down to a tee. The elegance and meloncholic vibes behind the voice provide an emotional and almost romantic feeling around the song. With a slower beat behind the track gradually increasing tempo as the song goes on, I had my feet stomping from the very first listen.

‘Them’ is one of those tracks which would easily feature in a coming-of-age romcom and being in LA I’m sure Iris knows all about those. 

Bringing in the acoustic guitar towards the end shows the willingness of Iris to vary her genre, yet without straying to far away from her classic modern-pop roots. 

Ultimately, this is a fantastic feel good tune which is just what I needed after the year we’ve had, and I completely expect to hear this next time my girlfriends drags me to the cinema to watch a cheesy romcom starring Channing Tatum (oh god).

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