Jace Campbell – Lost

Release Date – 15th January 2021

Words: Dan Smith

Channeling the energy of the Manchester greats, this energetic, thumping single is rocking through my earphones and will be entering playlists up and down the country. With infectious riffs and emphatic drumming, there is a reason the hype is so huge around the 17 year old.

With influences like Oasis and Paul Weller, Jace has his head screwed on and he has used these influences to create an absolutely smashing tune. Reminiscent of early Oasis work that makes you want to be screaming your head off at a gig, Jace will have crowds in the palm of his hand with this tune.

Even his vocals are a beautiful mix of Liam Gallagher and Jake Bugg, phenomenal. If you’ve been following Jace for a while on social media, you will know full well about his covers and the classic acoustic sound he is able to achieve, along with his harmonica, so when I heard he had a single coming out I suppose I expected a more stripped down, laid back tune but ‘Lost’ is anything but!

The future is bright for this young man!

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