John Seaton – Heavy Metal

Release Date – 15th December 2020

Words: Sam Cooke

Never has a song been so deceivingly named with John Seaton’s ‘Heavy metal’ having an instrumental and voice that could play in the background of a bug kiss on those American tv dramas we all love.

However light and breezy these vocals and instruments are however, a dark and sinister undertone prevails to the surface with the lyrics of this particular track. The words aren’t sinister as such however with the vocals being as delicate as they are and the production value being as high as it is, a menacing aura is naturally cast over the lyrics swapping the initial feeling of glee from this number to a heart as heavy as metal. 

The vocals are truly astounding, a voice that could charm anyone with its lasting notes leaving you always longing for more. Seaton has truly showed the entire music industry what he is capable of. Five years away definitely hasn’t rusted his vocal chord with a mastery of his voice evidently present throughout the track. 

They say everyone wants their “15 minutes of fame” but if Seaton carries on the way he has with ‘Heavy Metal’ those 15 minutes could last a lifetime!

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