Robert Lane – Listen In

Release Date – 17th August 2020

Record Label – Unsigned

Words: Charlie Kempen

‘Listen In’ is the latest single from Robert Lane, someone who has quite the backlog of talent having been a musician, songwriter, podcast host as well as a music teacher. So, you can one hundred percent trust that this man has the knowledge to write a brilliant song!

The song’s intro is completely acapella; a very interesting touch that reminds me of old Irish folk music – something instantly engaging. The smooth, acoustic guitar and accompanying bass gives it a very ambient feel that is like that of The Beatles and Damien Rice. The ‘Listen In’ simplistic chorus does not overpower the song or overshadow it, which is refreshing.

The song itself provides a story of someone who feels like their voice is being lost in the herd. Having a need to be listened too is human and sometimes those needs are not met, which can become extremely frustrating. I am sure it’s a feeling that a lot of people can relate to. The soulful lyrics are comparable to the likes of The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac and Bob Dylan’.

There is something extremely comforting about this track and you become very inclined to come back to it, like a hot cup of tea on a rainy day or a hug from a loved one.

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