Sam Lambeth – The King (You and Me)

Release Date – 12th January 2021

Words: Kim Holder

‘The King (You and Me) was written ten years ago and has been changed by Sam each year. However, in August 2020, he decided to complete it and record the song, to all our delight!

‘The King’ is a song which feels lighter, fuller and has a more rock feel compared to Sam’s other tracks. It includes wistful piano sounds from Zoe Brittle and excellent drumming and production from Ryan Pinson. The song lyrics have multiple meanings, from feeling insignificant to thinking about a lost friend or former lover. Overall it sends the message across of frustration, transience and acceptance.

“Whatever happened to you and me” is a lyric from the chorus of this song. This signifies looking back on a past friendship or relationship and wondering what went wrong between you both for things to be different now compared to back then. Which I believe is a situation everyone will resonate with and is what makes this song relatable.

I personally really like this song. As I relate to the lyrics on a personal level and I’m also a big fan of Oasis, which I think this song has the same kind of style as some of their tracks. I think that Sam’s vocals are a joy to listen to and the acoustic sounds make this track catchy. Overall, I did thoroughly enjoy this track, I believe that Sam will gain a larger following from the release of this track and I would recommend it to anyone that is a fan of Oasis, Bruce Springstein or R.E.M.

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