Sleepwoka – Together We Are

Release Date – 21st December 2020

Words: Kim Holder

Sleepwoka’s latest single ‘Together We Are’ follows suit to his previous single with pursuing relatable and thought-provoking narratives, which makes listeners evaluate their everyday lives through intricately crafted electronic music.

Together we are, is a song created in a time when everyone is feeling disconnected due to the current situation around the world with Coronavirus, it reflects on Sleepwoka’s situation of having friends separated around the world, however, he feels like the connection between them all is only growing stronger. I believe that this is a much-needed reminder in 2020 that could be very uplifting for people.

I personally really liked this track, as I enjoy the sounds produced by the analogue synthesizers, which gives it an 80’s vibe. This is currently one of my favourite genres of music, therefore I did enjoy this track.

The lyrics to the song include positive affirmations such as “Together we are one together we face it all”. I feel like people need to hear during this tough year. As people are feeling disconnected from their loved ones and might be feeling very lonely during this pandemic. However, when listening to this song, it begins to make me feel more connected to them and could trigger people to reach out to people more.

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