The B – Bad Poetry

Release Date – 5th October 2020

Words: Sam Cooke

The instrumental to this tune is so upbeat and catchy you can’t help but feel your feet start to tap and your head start to nod in time. However, like almost all indie music, this is a mere ruse designed to sucker you into the darker lyrics below the fun bubbly surface it has cultivated.

These lyrics scream to me personally, perfectly capturing the mental state of many of us suffering with depression. This isn’t necessarily a bad element for the song, to touch on an emotions such as that so easily is magical in itself, as the uplifting instrumentals and a voice made for special occasions is constantly reminding us of one fact: It’s okay to not be okay!

There isn’t much else to say about this track or it’s artist The B. It’s so well rounded and polished, especially for an up and coming artist, that my job has become kind of mute because like all great aspects of life, it speaks for itself. I can see The B going further than I could even imagine, but at the end of the day “what will be, it will be.”

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