The Rills – Stardog

The song is an original take on a drug story, exploring the main character ‘Stardog’, who is an amalgamation of dealers that The Rills knew growing up in Lincoln. “He’s very much a big fish in a small pond” who “thinks he’s invincible & can get away with what he likes because it’s a small town and he’s dealing with small time, but, it’s all just naivety.” [Mitch Spencer, lead singer].

The contrast between the half spoken vocals of the verse, punctuated with sharp guitar licks and punchy drum fills, and the catchy vocal and guitar melody of the chorus help the song stand out as a strong blend of indie punk and classic pop/rock. The sonic scope of the song develops during the breakdown, as chaotic guitars and bass with frantic drumming build up in layers accompanying the ominos voice of the ‘Stardog’, performed in a recorded phone call between band members Mason and Callum.

I hope this new release on the 25th of November encourages listeners to experience the band more intimately through their TikTok, Instagram Reels and Twitch streaming performances, which the band have been using to great extent in the past months to reach fans. 

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