Throwback of the week (19th July 2020)

Stereophonics – Have a Nice Day

If you’ve not listened to Stereophonics before, I highly recommend starting with this song.

Where to start with this song? Well, where I first heard it would be as good as any place. I remember hearing this song with my Dad probably about age four and hearing it is my first memory of music.

‘Have a Nice Day’ is the 2nd Single from Stereophonics’ 3rd album ‘Just Enough Education to Perform’. It saw a change for the band, many of the tracks on their previous two albums, ‘Word Gets Around’ and ‘Performance and Cocktails’ are heavier, focusing on big guitars and a heavy drum prescience such as ‘The Bartender and the Thief’. ‘Have A Nice Day’ however uses an acoustic guitar and a mellow drum beat to create the melody and rhythm, and has one of the most recognisable starts to any song of all time! A welcoming change for the band and one that would serve them well over their career going forward.

Kelly Jones has stated in many interviews that the lyrics for this song are about a taxi journey in San Francisco that the band had taken. Although the title of the song is a positive one, the lyrics of the song are satirical and Kelly often comes across and sarcastic especially with his delivery.

The songs lyrics can leave a lot of questions and can be deemed as confusing. To this day and after hundreds of listens I still don’t quite understand the line “Swim in the ocean, that be my dish
I drive around all day and kill processed fish” but that doesn’t matter. This song and Stereophonics have been a huge prescience throughout my life.

Having seen the band live seven times, and hearing this song every time I’ve seen them, it’s understandable why it has become not only one of there most commercially successful tracks but also a fan favourite. Encouraging mass sing alongs with a melody that’s super catchy, and memorable lyrics.

Even if you don’t plan of delving deeper into the back catalogue and you just want a catchy summer song to listening to in the warm weather, I can’t recommend this enough.

Words by: Jack Roden

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