Throwback of the week (26th July 2020)

The Stone Roses – Waterfall

‘Waterfall’ is from the seminal self titled debut album from The Stone Roses and has become a live favourite and a staple of the indie genre. 

Well where to start with this song? I suppose the best place is what this song means to me. I can’t remember the first time I heard this song but I remember becoming fascinated with it. I must have been about fourteen, and when I started delving deeper into music, and the whole culture around it.

Some people would say ‘Waterfall’ isn’t very special and they may be right. It’s not the greatest song lyrically, but I find the melody infectious and the chorus catchy.  The whole band play brilliantly on this track, giving top marks to the powerful bass line Mani produces and Reni’s unique drumming style, John Squires guitar flourishes followed by Ian Brown’s vocals, I personally think the track is a musical masterpiece.

Some songs, are sing along anthems, some songs make you cry, others make you want to dance. Rarely however, does a song change your life. Your outlook on things, the way you dress, the other music you listen to, and tells you something about yourself.

‘Waterfall’ is one of those songs for me. 

Words by: Jack Roden

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