Tom Swan – Belong

Release Date – 27th November 2020

Words: Louis Upton-Wheeler

From the opening swirling synth chord, the song will capture your attention with building layers of soaring electric guitars, subtle tambourines and soothing acoustic guitar, before a class drum fill that introduces Tom’s soft vocals. The song tells the abstract story of being away from home and remembering that it’s the place “where you belong”. The song is drenched in pure Brit pop classism; even the backing vocals sound iconically Gallagher like to me.

The chorus continues to deliver, with a melody that deserves to be sung loud by a crowd and lyrics that could not be more relatable. Strings and guitars continue to build up before a striking bridge/synth solo that leads us to an epic, emotion filled ending. The warm hatred take home message of this song is that of belonging and having a home, and Tom displays this message perfectly while telling us about his hometown of Liverpool. 

Pared with a music video filled with a spaceman walking in slow motion, trying to hitchhike home, the singer/songwriter/producer has created a sentimental throwback single, and an excellent follow up to his ‘Ghosts EP’ released earlier this year.     

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