Aidan Tulloch – Somewhere Without Lights

Release Date – 5th August 2020

Words: Jack Roden

The EP opens with ‘Milk & Orange Juice’ and shows Aidan’s song writing brilliantly. What seems like a simple pop song soon builds into something a lot different, the sporadic synth sounds throughout add an electronic feel and shows brilliant genre bending music. That simply can’t be pigeon holes as one specific thing. 

‘Goalposts’ follows suit, it’s a simple but effective indie pop tune. The kind you could hear being played at every festival up and down the country, crowds singing it back in their thousands. This track allows Aidan to look back at his youth but the lyrics and melody mean that it isn’t just about him, those listening (and his audience) are also able to look back at their own experiences. 

‘Santa Susanna’ is the third track on the EP and shows a different, more fragile and vulnerable side to Aidan. The electronic elements are not present on this song and instead, has a twinge of folk feel. It’s an understated song, with a beautiful piano riff beginning it, once again showing the diversity to Aidan. The DIY vibe is mellow and, it’s very real and visceral. It evokes so many emotions when listening to it and I believe that’s the making of a good song -it leaves you asking questions because it doesn’t give you all of the answers. The vagueness or the lyrics leaves it open for interpretation.

My personal favourite track is next: ‘Song for Armageddon’. This is an anthem, the powerful electronic start, is a leap from the previous track. I also believe Aidan’s voice is the best on this track. After a couple of listens the lyrics are super catchy and addictive. A Late 2010’s Coldplay influenced synth plays after the chorus creating a springy touch to it. It’s a beautiful and visceral song that could easily be sung with your mates at a festival or fill the dance floor in a nightclub. 

The final offering on this EP, ‘Somewhere Without Lights’ slows things down again after the previous track, a slow piano begins the song and evokes film soundtrack influences and the touches of a cinematic piano brings an end to an all round great EP. It feels like the end of the chapter, and the  journey through Aidan’s youth. 

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