Funeral Lakes – Golden Season E.P

Release Date – 14th September 2020

Words: Kim Holder

Funeral Lakes are an American folk duo that formed in 2018 and self-produce all of their music in Toronto, ON. Sam and Chris use their music to express their fears and frustrations that happen throughout their lives, therefore their listeners find their songs more relatable.

‘Eternal Return’ is a song that is very easy to listen to, whereas ‘Earth Falls’ and ‘Power Trip’ are more upbeat. ‘Eternal Return’ which is my personal favourite, is a song about heartbreak. “My heart was broken as it all began, it was mended with the tide of time” is a lyric that I find to be very emotional and relatable, as many people will have gone through some kind of heartbreak that will get easier over time. I also really like the beat to this song, as it is very relaxing.

“But I can see you,  just as you are” is a lyric from ‘Power Trip’. It insists of a time when you only see the side you want to see of a person and not who they actually are or the toxic characteristics that they actually have. This is also a relatable situation for a lot of people and the whole song talks about someone being on a power trip and being over-controlling of another person. This song also has more a rock feel to it than the others which I think gives the EP a nice variety of sounds to it.

‘Golden Season’ is an EP that deserves to be globally recognised for it’s quirky take on folk music. It certainly does not disappoint after the hype of their debut album and I believe will allow for the duo to gain some extra fans. It is definitely an EP that I would recommend for people to give it a listen and I know will now be one of my favourites to listen to.

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