Michael Vickers – Poetic Nonsense E.P

Release Date – 16th September 2020

Words: Sam Cooke

This four track outfit from Leicester based artist Michael Vickers aptly named ‘Poetic Nonsense’ is a journey of self reflection, growth and pain. The talent is obvious, the emotion is raw and the music is beautiful; these really are the foundations for ‘Poetic Nonsense’. 

 Although the EP isn’t particularly long, it takes us on an emotional journey unlike most. The spine tingling guitar that sets the tone for the EP is almost a kick in the teeth. I get how that sounds and I’m not just being rude, maybe a little, but this phrase is used fairly I reckon. The guitar sets the tone of a beautiful, upbeat journey of love and happiness and if you’re smart enough to have checked ‘Poetic Nonsense’ out you’ll know that just isn’t true. That’s not to say the EP can’t create some sort of likeness between itself and it’s reader just with the instrumentals, the way it starts so electric and upbeat and quickly fizzles out over the EP in a way that could be synonymous with how the artist sees love. I mean, who hasn’t been there? The electric feelings at first sight or touch with that new partner, the mellow happiness when the honeymoon period ends and then eventually everything crumbles quickly, violently and there’s no remorse from this EP or a relationship.

It is difficult to highlight any particular lyric within the EP as it is all written so well, with ‘I’ll Be There’ being a personal highlight. The lyrics used are truly beautiful and not what you expect from an artist of this size and definitely not what you’d expect from a man who shares a city with Slowthai.

Honestly, overall I hate this EP. I hate how Michael doesn’t give us more! This EP stands tall for me, maybe even ‘Submarine’ tall. I know it’s a classic and possibly one of the greatest of all time but this EP is up there. Every track leaves you wanting more and not much else to be desired. It has the passion, the emotion, the electricity and the authenticity you’d want from any artist.

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