Throwback of the week (13th September)

Under the Ivy – Kate Bush

Kate Bush is a legend in her own right. Coming onto the UK music scene while still a teenager, she became one of England’s best-selling artists. She made waves for female artists, having influenced artists such as Florence and the Machine and Lady Gaga. Nothing was going to stop the mysterious lady in red.

‘Under the Ivy’ was originally released as the B-side of Kate’s phenomenal track ‘Running up that Hill’ that has been covered by the likes of Placebo and The Chromatics. This spine-tingling piano ballad was only performed by Kate once and that was on Live TV on the 19th March 1986 in Abbey Road Studios.

This song is beautifully haunting, its one that stays with you forever. When I first heard it, I was blown away in awe. Everyone thinks of Kate Bush as the kooky phenomenon who dresses in red and dances funnily, nut this song strips all of that away and is just her and her piano. ‘Under the Ivy’ to me is an incredibly personal song and her operatic vocals offer such soft nuances to the track – leaving her completely exposed and vulnerable. This makes for a very moving experience as a listener. With it only being two minutes long this leaves you urging for more, it is that painstakingly beautiful.

With the song being a B-side, it is one that many have not had the pleasure of experiencing, this song should not have ever been hidden away like that. But it is perfect for her, she is very much a reclusive person that hides away from the spotlight. Like her, this song is unique in the way that it is very hard to find – it is not on Spotify or Apple Music which is an interesting choice considering the power that streaming platforms hold these days.

If there is anything that you should do tonight, that is going to listen to this magnificent piece of music.

Words by: Charlie Kempen

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