Throwback of the week (22nd November)

Hear Me Out! – VALERAS

This week I’ve been getting nostalgic and remembering some of the best bands I’ve seen in grassroot venues in my hometown, and one band that comes to mind a lot is personal hometown heroes, VALERAS.

Their riff driven song ‘Hear Me Out’, that came out earlier this year, is an instant indie rock crowd pleaser, filled with scratchy guitars, exploding drums and all the energy of their jam packed live gigs. As a listener you’ll find yourself wanting to turn up the volume, forget about the neighbours, and start jumping along to the head banging guitar riffs that drive the song forward, much like I find myself doing while reminiscing about fantastic gigs.

The direct and fierce nature of the music lends itself beautifully to the powerful lyrics of the song, which are a proud declaration of being a member of the LGBTQ+ community, as lead singer Rose invites the listener to “join her” in her feeling of being part of the crowd. The lyrics are accompanied by floating backing vocals and a rumbling bass line that launches you into a chorus filled with bold shouted statements, declaring to all that this community has a “big and loud” voice that will be heard! The song’s music video, directed by Joey Julliard, also emphasises this message while also providing a beautiful look at the bands upbeat and comradic nature, the video starting with supporting and motivating messages from band members and friends.

‘Hear Me Out’ reminds me of small independent venues and loud, sweaty gigs, something many eagerly await the return of next year. The song is also a fantastic call to arms for the whole LGBTQ+ community, and is everything you could want in a heavy, riff lead, rock song. To me the track also carries sad thoughts as it was the last song released by VALERAS’ former killer line up of Rose, Max, George and Katie but it remains a timeless snapshot of their impressive live performances. It is also a lovely indication of a potential change in sound and style for the remaining members of the Reading based band, with more vintage tones and clear classic writing influences.

Words by: Louis Upton-Wheeler

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