Throwback of the week (25th October)

One of the best songs released in 2016, ‘Delete’ by DMA’S is this weeks throwback.

Delete – DMA’s

After speaking to Ashley Stacey on this weeks podcast (link below), we discussed how Hill’s End, DMA’S first album, inspired him. I went back and listened afterwards only to realise how great the album really is. I think ‘Delete’ is widely recognised as the best song on the album and my opinion is no different, it is a banger!

Starting out with the soft picked guitar, before lead singer Tommy O’Dell begins to serenade the listener, there is something about this track that just makes me feel good. We all know how great a singer Tommy is, and the Australian three-piece use it perfectly to their advantage. 

Lyrically, the chorus is romantic, poetic and beautiful. But the ending, well, the ending of the song is something else. If you’ve read my past throwbacks you’ll know I find a strong ending to a song absolutely vital, making the listener want more is imperative and DMA’S have hit this on the head with ‘Delete’. Slowly building, I think we all want to “just let it all out.” 

The spoken word foreground perfectly compliments this, and has you pressing repeat!

Words by: Dan Smith

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