Throwback of the week (29th November)

She Will Be Loved – Maroon 5

Today I have the esteemed pleasure of writing the throwback of the week, and I have decided to focus on a piece of musical history, Maroon 5’s early hit ‘She Will Be Loved’.

This song is the first clear memory I have of the band and believe me, our relationship couldn’t have started on a better note. Bringing together the slow instrumental and delicate cutting vocals of Adam Levine we know and love today.

Let’s talk about that instrumental, one I’m sure many of you instantly started hearing when I said the name of this track, full of a slowly escalating tempo which rises with the beat of the stories protagonists heart as his dedication and love is spread across the song for all to see. The delicate plucking of the guitar which sets us off in the intro however will always be a personal favourite of mine as it begins the music video in my minds eye. 

Now let’s mention the lead singer again, Adam Levine. What a voice! Hitting a range they couldn’t compete with in a gun store, he placed himself into the heart ears and very soul of the listener. This silken like voice catapulted him from mediocrity to worldwide fame and it’s easy to see why!

I mean it’s one of the few songs I’ve ever found where I’ve never met a single person who disagrees with my assessment. Truly one for the ages, I know we’ve had some amazing songs from Maroon 5 over the years: ‘Payphone’, ‘Sugar’ and ‘Animals’ to name a few but I genuinely feel this is their best work to date. 

Words by: Sam Cooke

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