Throwback of the week (6th September)

Good morning! Sorry it was just there. Shake your head all you want and let us dive into this weeks throwback…

Graduation – Kanye West

‘Graduation’ by Kanye West is, by no exaggeration and in my humble opinion, the most musically pure album I’ve ever listened to! I know that’s a big claim but I have every reason for it. Everything about this album just falls together perfectly, from the beats used to set an ambience on this journey, all the way through to the sometimes unexpectedly juvenile word choices throughout the album. 

Lyrically, this shouldn’t come as a complete surprise, after all we are dealing with the enigma that is Kanye, but it does give you that almost lyrical sorbet only Kanye can truly master. For those of you questioning my sanity by that last comment, the term “lyrical sorbet” is used in the essence that the unique wordplay and that outrageous flow Kanye delivers is a real palette cleanser in the genre. 

 It’s almost impossible for me to play favourites with this album, almost. For me there are only 2 tracks on this album which truly stand above the others: ‘Champion’ and ‘Big brother’. I have decided to pick these tracks because they both highlight Kayne being, well, being Kanye and we all know how that goes.

‘Champion’ is a perfect example of what got Kanye as far as he has, confidence. The entire song is an homage to the man himself in what could be seen as an early prototype of his controversial track ‘I love Kanye’. The song fits perfectly to its name with the beat, lyrics and production being at a level worthy of a champion, each separate element synonymous of a training montage in a fighting film. There isn’t much else to say on a track like this to be perfectly honest, if you’ve heard it you understand.

Now for ‘Big brother’ – a track dedicated to longterm friend and rival Jay-Z. In this, Kanye highlights in his own opinion the highs and lows of this friendship. From the first meeting and ‘Ye so shy’ to when things turned as sour as a fireball, god I miss fireballs, when Kanye ‘Should have known that sh** would have come back around’. Kanyes wordplay is particularly juvenile for the style of track, but despite this the track is one of the more mature tracks on the album and it really shows how much Kayne has grown.

To end this, I’d just like to say that there is nothing I can say which will do this album justice. It truly stands above all others of the genre, and is a masterpiece.

Words by: Sam Cooke

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