Slowthai – Six months on from his NME antics

Words: Sam Cooke

We all know the epicentre of this catastrophe: Tyron being a little too drunk to put it nicely and revealing a rather new side to himself. Needless to say, the misogynistic side of him wasn’t greatly received by fans.

One fan in particular learnt this the hard way only minutes after Slowthai’s tasteless ‘jokes’ occurred, as the man courageously stuck up for the harassed Katherine Ryan, Slowthai decided to practice his cricket, and threw his glass of champagne over the poor blokes head. He then proceeded to jump down from the stage and eventually was dragged away by security personal. But since he was dragged out of the spotlight has he found his way back up onto his perch, or has his chance fizzled away like a bath bomb? 

The immediate backlash was obviously very bad for business, many tweets from many people from myself to internet celebrity Jide Olatunji known on YouTube as “KSI” so clearly this was a big deal. Tyron himself took a brief hiatus from twitter (very brief in fact he returned the very same night) and he returned with the following, “@nme please forward my award to @kathbum (Katherine Ryan the victim of the incident) for she is the hero of the year what started as a joke between us escalated to the point of shameful actions on my part. I want to unreservedly apologise, there is no excuse and I am sorry. I am not a hero. Katherine you are a master of your craft and next time I’ll take my seat and leave the comedy to you. To any woman or man who saw a reflection of situations they’ve been in in those videos, I am sorry. I promise to do better. let’s talk here.”

Now call me a softy if you want but I’m happy with that apology. Did I forgive his actions and example he set immediately? No. Did I recognise the sincerity behind it and decide to give the man a second chance? Yes. But how many other people did?

More than you’d think that’s for sure. Looking at his YouTube channel you can instantly see a drop in views for his music, with his last 3 videos currently sitting on a combined 2.58 million hits, which by no stretch of the imagination is bad, but compared to the three before which totalled over 9 million views, these numbers just wouldn’t be what you expected.

When this initial incident occured, I made a YouTube video (found below) on what I thought the implications would be for Slowthai’s actions. “He’s apologised and we’ll all forget about this soon, and for Slowthai’s sake, the sooner the better.” I would argue that his actions haven’t been forgotten, evidenced by the decline in his personal musical uploads, however, he has retained an audience most of us could only dream of. So this incident may just go down as a blip in the career of Slowthai, but it most certainly hasn’t led to his demise as many predicted.

Ultimately, Slowthai must still be considered a successful musician and despite this incident, which he held his hands up for and admitted his mistake, we can’t forget the good he has done and the messages he is trying to spread. Bare in mind this was only a year on from his acclaimed actions of bringing out a fake severed head of Boris Johnson, something which elevated him into the limelight. So, when we do look back at Slowthai six months on, I feel that he recognised his mistakes and will not make them again. Although many may not forgive him, many have and many will.

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