The Big Names to Watch – 2021

Words: Jacob Tyson

We’ve all seen the one to watch lists of the best upcoming artists, we even made a playlist ourselves (below), but what about the big names of the music industry who are going to be having a mega 2021. In a year in which we all hope live music will return, who are the ones to watch?

As if 2020 wasn’t big enough for the Irish Quartet with the release of 3 singles and a sensational cover of Mazzy Star’s ‘Fade Into You’, 2021 is set to be the biggest year yet for the Dublin band. It’s anticipated this could be the year of the debut album for the young rock band who offer stark comparisons to the likes of The Killers and U2. Inhaler are an exciting prospect growing in popularity with a surge in radio play and Spotify streams, this is an exciting band to follow as they start their steps into superstardom. The latest single ‘When It Breaks’ is a strong hit and with an album on the way, this could be the year for Inhaler.

Pale Waves
Emo’s can pop too! Pale Waves are arguably the most exciting band on the planet right now, and with their sophomore album ‘Who Am I?’ coming on February 12th, where have you been if you haven’t been backing the female led indie pop group. Their 3 latest singles are without doubt their best stuff to date and vastly supersede their previous work. ‘Change’, ‘She’s My Religion’ and ‘Easy’ show how the band have progressed and tackle intimate personal anecdotes to a catchy beat. Lead singer Heather’s powerful vocals encapsulate each track and if the singles are anything to go by, then the upcoming album is one to be very excited about.

After a 4-year hiatus, could 2021 finally be the year that the New Zealander vocalist makes her return? The world is a better place when Lorde is releasing music, and with her previous albums in 2013 and 2017, 2021 would see the ‘Green Light’ singer keep up to her 4-year offerings. It’s rumoured that work for the third album is underway and has been inspired by her trip to Antarctica and Lorde has been focusing on environmental matters of late, so expect her new music to show purpose and intent. The world of pop is ready for the return of one of its greats.

The Capollos
The best band you haven’t heard of! The Scottish alternative rock band have just released their latest single ‘Telephone’ and it’s their fastest track to 10,000 Spotify streams. With plenty of big tunes already out, this isn’t a band just to watch out for in 2021, this is a band to get into right now! And when live music makes its triumphant return hopefully very soon. The Capollos is a gig to make sure you get down too.

Foo Fighters, SG Lewis, Tom Grennan, The Snuts and many more have albums coming out very soon. Times may be tough now, but 2021 could end up being a hugely exciting year for music.

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