Who was the band of the 2010’s?

Now this topic has been up for debate throughout the decade, but there can only be one winner. This decade has seen bands such as Courteeners, Arctic Monkeys and Tame Impala breakthrough and be considered the best of this decade, but who really is the best?

There’s no way to decide who is the best, as everyone has their own opinion as to who is the greatest to them, so we are in no way discrediting these bands who are not mentioned, this is just a matter of personal opinion. 

Lets start with The Courteeners. Their debut album ‘St Jude’ was released just before the decade, but was a real kickstart into the bands’ incredible journey throughout the 2010’s. The tune ‘Not Nineteen Forever’ is still, to this day, the bands most iconic song with over 56 million streams at time of writing. Throughout this era, The Courteeners had released the albums ‘Falcon’ (2010), ‘ANNA’ (2013), ‘Concrete Love’ (2014) and ‘Mapping The Rendevous’ (2016), as well as selling out multiple large concerts and gigs, including two at Heaton Park and one at Castlefield Bowl all in the duration of the 10 years. Fans of The Courteeners also got a new album just in the start of the new decade – ‘More Again Forever’ – which has already racked up millions of streams for the Manchester band.

Frontman singer Liam Fray has previously expressed how the Manchester Arena attack back in May 2017 had shaped the band for who they are now, and how the latest album was written during what was the toughest period in Fray’s life.

Another band who have done significantly well during the decade is Alex Turner and his Sheffield band, Arctic Monkeys. The boys from Yorkshire have experienced success with albums ‘Suck It and See’ (2011), ‘AM’ (2013) and ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’ (2018). Throughout the decade the band had also sold out multiple tours, as well as headlined the world-famous festival, Glastonbury back in 2013 and have headlined Reading & Leeds Festival multiple times.

The band have created hits including ‘Do I Wanna Know’  as well as popular track, ‘R U Mine’ (2013) which provided a new generation of fans for the Yorkshire men. Despite this, in a previous interview, front man, Turner had expressed how he would rather the band get better within their music rather than get bigger. Overall, the decade had been successful for the Arctic Monkeys, as they look forward to bringing more music and more shows which fans of the band are able to attend.

Next up is Tame Impala, throughout the 2010s, the band enjoyed a great amount of success, including 3 albums which brought along popular tunes ‘The Less I Know The Better’ as well as ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’. Over the course of the decade, the band have been able to rack up millions of streams, with the album ‘Currents’ (2015) being the most popular for the band. Similarly to previously mentioned bands, Tame Impala have played at the Glastonbury Festival back in 2019 as well as in 2016, as well as Los Angeles festival Coachella, which also took place in 2019, as well as in 2015 and 2013.

Frontman Kevin Parker is well known for being a singer, however he also writes and produces every song which the band releases. Because of the talent in which Parker possesses, popular artists such as Kendrick Lamar and SZA have worked with the Australian in producing and writing songs of their own. Is Parker the best all round musician of the decade?

Ultimately, these bands all create art and bring together millions of fans worldwide, from a few lads in Sheffield to Perth, music has united people throughout the decade. Who do you think is the greatest band in the 2010s? 

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