Throwback of the Week (17th January)

Purple Rain – Prince

When I got my record player, this was the first vinyl I ever owned and honestly, it is a gem and half!

It is very rare that a song lasting 8 minutes and 40 seconds can capture your attention the whole length through and have you begging for more, but that is what you get when you listen to ‘Purple Rain’ by the late, great Prince. Arguably his most recognisable song, it is a genuine masterpiece and I believe it is incredibly under-appreciated. 

Leaving goosebumps on my skin as Prince serenades each and every last one of us, I don’t believe anyone can pick fault with this song. For me, the ending of the song is so strong, it makes it one of the best songs of all time. 

Our throwbacks are usually pumped full or nostalgia and cliche’s made a thousand times over, but for ‘Purple Rain’ the biggest compliment I can pay it is not through the use of words, but just by demanding you listen to it below and fall in love with it all over again! 

Words by: Dan Smith

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