Throwback of the Week (11th April)

Let There Be Love – Oasis

Lockdown has been both a blessing a curse for many of us and I’m no exclusion. As we begin the ease of lockdown tomorrow, I looked back at songs which have got me through the seemingly never-ending loneliness of lockdown, and one of those songs is the imperious ‘Let There Be Love,’ the final track of their second to last album ‘Don’t Believe The Truth’. 

Funnily enough, I actually became re-aware of the track on one of my numerous ventures out to Big Tesco’s, which for many of us has been the only outing we’ve had in the past year. I suppose hearing the Oasis masterpiece made it all worthwhile huh?

This won’t be hitting any Oasis top 5 lists, you only have to take a look at ours (link below) to realise this. But there is a significant beauty about this track which I just find magnificent.

Despite only making number 1 in Scotland and no-where else, could an argument be made for this being one of the most beautiful Oasis songs. The contrasting vocals between Liam and Noel are blended perfectly to this tune.

With melancholic keys and acoustic guitar, the Gallaghers struck gold once again with ‘Let There Be Love’ and for those who don’t give it the credit it’s due, have another listen now and be blown away. 

Words by: Dan Smith

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