Throwback of the Week (21st February)

Put Your Life on it – Kasabian

This weeks throwback tune is going to be a rather somber one. In the past week it was deeply saddening to hear of the passing of Rick Graham. Rick was the roadie for Kasabian and in light of this news I felt it was only right to reflect on the album that bears his face, ‘For Crying Out Loud’.

The song of choice, ‘Put Your Life On It’. On the surface, just another indie love song, but with its uplifting chorus it really encapsulates what it was like for the band and crew. From the outside looking in, the band mates and crew of ‘Kasabian’ were incredibly close. Just like a family, and on the road, as they so often were, would’ve been so tightly knit. I feel this song in some sense is an ode to them.

With lyrics such as “I wanna say I love you, Won’t let you down, You’re never gonna be without” I get a sense that although you could write it off as more cheesy love lyrics it is Sergio tipping his hat to the ‘Kasabian’ crew.

Rick was so close to Tom and Serge. After all he had been with them from the start. I remember Serge pulling him on stage many a time during “Vlad the Impaler”. Dancing around and even jumping on his back! It was always evident that they were incredibly close and loyal to one another.

So this week’s throwback is “Put Your Life On It” however I encourage all of you to press play on the whole record and enjoy it, just like we know Rick would want us to.

Rest in Peace Rick Graham, legend.

Words by: Ben Mills

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