Throwback of the Week (21st March)

Wasting my Young Years – London Grammar

London Grammar is an indie-pop band from Nottingham. The band is made up of Hannah Reid on Vocals, Dan Rothman on Guitar and Dominic ‘Dot’ Major on the Acoustic Drum Kit. London Grammar has to be one of my favourite bands from the indie genre and ‘Wasting My Young Years’ is a track that gets me thinking about life.

When I think about this band it reminds me of summer 2019 at truck festival, when they would play their tracks between each performer. Ever since I have absolutely fallen in love with their music and wish I had listened to their music earlier.

‘Wasting My Young Years’ is a track that has always had me asking myself that terrifying question in my head, Am I wasting my young years? This has been something I and probably a lot of others have thought about during the pandemic. Whilst we are unable to live our lives to the fullest at the moment, most people are thinking they are wasting their “young years”.

I feel as though this track is more relevant now more than ever and is a track a lot of people will resonate with. Our young years are meant to be about taking risks, experiencing new opportunities and having fun. However, this is currently hard due to the pandemic and whilst we all hope lockdown restrictions will end on the 21st of June, our futures all still seem unsure and our “young years” could be over before the pandemic.

This track is definitely one that gets me looking out the car window looking sad and just really thinking about my life. I love everything about this band and Hannah’s vocals are amazing on every song. I love their new EP and I look forward to any future releases they have in store and hope to see them live one day.

Words by: Kim Holder

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