Throwback of the Week (28th March)

You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift

I feel no greater social pressure then being in charge of the aux cable in the car, surrounded by people with diverse music tastes and awaiting to harshly judge your choice. To avoid disappointment my finest choice will always be Taylor Swifts ‘You Belong With Me’. No matter your age, music taste or style, this song has always lifted the mood and provided amazing energy for a sing along moment.

This song brings me fond memories of my teenage years and even fonder memories of my adulthood. It’s followed me through school, college and university and was once a relatable outlet for my younger heartbreaks. The innocent nature of the song is a kind reminder of your first crush, first relationship and jealousy that is a part of creating your school experience.

‘You say you’re fine, I know you better than that. Hey, what you doing with a girl like that?’ We’ve all been able to relate to these lyrics at some point in our lives, either watching someone you like be with someone else, or watching a friend date someone toxic. In my youth l once believed these emotions and feelings would only exist in the playful environment of school, but going into adulthood this track shares the emotions of most adult friendships.

Behind the joy and upbeat nature of the track, there is a relatable and depth to the lyrics, but it’s okay to enjoy the song for what it is and will always have the power to brighten my day. I am excited for Taylor’s re-release of ‘Fearless’ and will continue to use ‘You Belong With Me’ as my song choice in social situations.

Words by: Lisa Adams

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