Throwback of the Week (4th April)

Cigarette Daydreams – Cage the Elephant

This week’s throwback brings a classic tune from Cage the Elephant…. ‘Cigarette Daydreams’.

2015 was when I heard it for the first time, having only heard one or two of the band’s other tracks previously. This is the one that really made me fall in love with their music; coming as the closing track on their 2013 album ‘Melophobia’ which arguably saw a shift in the band’s sound from previous albums.

‘Cigarette Daydreams’ is filled with powerful vocals and dreamy instrumentals; giving off an emotional energy which never gets old. With lyrics such as “you sigh, look away, I can see it clear as day” and “you can drive, all night looking for the answer in the pouring rain”; I take this track to be about somebody who is struggling, and wants to find answers for an escape from these feelings.

A tune which can often be heard when I’m on long journeys through the countryside, or sat in the garden in the sunshine. This is certainly a track for every type of mood, and one which will continue to be a favourite for years to come.

It’s also one of their top tunes on Spotify, racking up almost 300 million listens; if you do one thing on this fine Easter Sunday (or as you’re reading this)… take a listen below!

Words by: Emily Pugh

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