Is ‘The Masterplan’ Oasis’ Finest Hour?

This B-Side album, yes B-Side got released on November 2nd, 1998 (six days before I was born for anyone who is interested). It is widely considered that ‘The Masterplan’ is better than some of Oasis’ actual studio albums, and honestly it is easy to see why. How some of these songs didn’t make it as actual A-Sides still baffles me to this day.

Opening with ”Acquiesce”, which is the B-Side to ‘Some Might Say’, is an excellent way to start an album. The song starts off quiet as you hear the wail of “Weeeellll, Whats the Story Morning Glory?” and then the rip roaring guitars come in, you’re hooked. Believe it or not this was also the first song released where Liam shared vocals with Noel so for it to turn out as good as it did is some feat. I feel this tune really sums up Oasis: Rock n’ Roll in its purest form.

‘The Masterplan’ is filled with A-side material throughout, with some of their most famous tracks actually being on this album. The famous quote from Noel of “Well, I don’t write shit songs” when discussing this album summarises it perfectly and I doubt many could argue with him. However, why wasn’t ‘The Masterplan’ Oasis’ official third studio album? Maybe we will never know, although, Noel does state this is “his only regret in music”.

I guess when you’ve put together tracks like ‘Talk Tonight’ and the self titled track it’s easy to see why. 

The third track in the album ‘Talk Tonight’ seems familiar, doesn’t it? This has to be one of the greatest Oasis songs, the guitar is beautiful and the lyrics are spell-binding. One of those magical moments if you’ve been lucky enough to see Noel play it live. 

The self titled track ‘The Masterplan’ is undoubtedly my favourite on the album. Start to finish, five minutes and twenty three seconds of pure musical magestry. They should have called it ‘The Masterpiece’. A word that gets thrown around too often these days, but in this instance, it is right on the money.

Ultimately, this album is widely regarded as one of Oasis’ finest hours and I believe the above explanation is enough to convince you, if you needed convincing in the first place that is! 

Words By Harry Collis

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