Ali Aslam – ‘The Last American’

Ali Aslam is a Pakistani-American indie-folk artist from New York City. His music explores the complex, sometimes contradictory facets of his identity with a curious introspection and explores the life and feelings of someone who has spent a lot of time on their own. He would also describe his unique genre of music as “Supersonic folk”, which is more forward-thinking than the typical booming singalongs of the indie-folk genre.

My favourite track from the LP has to be “The American Dream”. I enjoy the sound of the instruments in the backing track, especially the drums. I also believe that this song will be very relatable to immigrants or a child of one, as with lyrics such as “you’re working to the bone and give a lot more than taking” and “you know I never believe that this American dream was ever meant to be something handed to me”. These lyrics suggest that the song is talking about the American dream that is a stereotype that is often depicted in films, which immigrants work hard within their jobs and their daily lives to try to achieve and that they may need to work even harder for it than your average American person and that make more sacrifices in daily life, which could be very retable to their situation in life.

 I also really enjoy the tracks “Seasons Change Without Permission” and “Wise Man and fool”. I like how these tracks stay on the topic of showing the hardships that people face. I also really like Ali’s voice on these tracks, as I can hear the emotion in his voice which is captivating.

 Overall, I highly recommend this new release to any fans of artists like Phoebe Bridgers, The Killers or U2. I also believe that this release could help Ali to gain a larger following due to how relatable his songs are to a lot of people and the emotion that is put into these tracks. So go and give this LP a listen.

Words: Kim Holder

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