Black Honey – Written and Directed

Published on 19 March 2021

Black Honey return with their newest album ‘Written & Directed’. With the Tarantino inspired title, the album already sparks nostalgia within before hearing the first track. And you will be hit with a sense of nostalgia throughout. 

The record squeezes a whole host of influences in to its 30 minute run time. That’s one of the best things about this band. You can’t pigeon hole their sound into a specific genre as they embrace a huge range of influences, from new wave and Americana to traces of rockabilly and 80s punk. The album features and eclectic mix of instrumentation, from keys to brass and everything in between. 

With a broad range of influences the album entices all. From the very modern alt rock sounding ‘Disinfect’, to the Americana inspired feel good hit ‘Believer’. The album has it all. One of the stand out tracks is ‘Run For Cover’. Featuring a barrage of drums, fuzzy bass lines and even a sprinkling of cow bell, this rip roaring track will have you on your feet in no time.

It’s followed perfectly by ‘Beaches’. The inclusion of brass instruments on this track makes it incredibly uplifting and makes you feel like your basking in the sun on the beaches of Hawaii.

Black Honey are a band that are sure of their sound and the direction they’re going in. They’ve evolved into a more hard hitting territory and it’s the perfect fit for them. In a genre that’s perhaps over saturated with male influence, this Brighton quartet are offering something fresh and revitalising, standing up against the grain and are one of the driving forces building a platform for female artists to thrive in this genre.

If ever there was a smoking gun to prove that Black Honey are going places, this is it.

Words: Ben Mills

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