Calum Lintott – It’s Easy to Do the Unexpected

Release Date – 1st February 2021

Words: Emily Robbins-Pugh

The track incorporates driving guitars, fast-paced percussion and continues to deliver infectious sounds which can be found throughout Lintott’s music. Kicking off with a Black Keys like drum beat, you’re instantly tantalized by the southerner. The song includes lyrics such as “dreams of something bigger, triggers all your nightmares” and “change up your scenario, fake it till you make it”. A reflection of the meaning of the song which I gathered to be about working hard for something, and doing things which may seem far from reach to outsiders. 

‘It’s easy to do the unexpected’ follows on from a number of 2020 releases including ‘Hideaway’, ‘Just like magic’ and ‘Faith’; and is one I found myself tapping my foot and nodding my head along to throughout. The song has already racked up almost 21,000 listens on Spotify, a perfect end to a shocking 2020; and I can’t wait to hear what 2021 brings for Calum.

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