Foo Fighters- ‘Medicine at Midnight’

Foo Fighters are back with their long awaited tenth studio album ‘Medicine at Midnight.’ They  have been a band for 26 years, and obviously that’s a very long time, but they have proved that there is no sign of them slowing down.

1. Making A Fire 

8/10 –  A powerful opener, with an orchestra backing vocals. You can tell Greg Kurstin’s (The Bird & The Bee) influence on this one. Dave’s vocals are brilliant, and it’s lyrically really strong. I love the direction of this one. A strong opener. I feel this one will take to live shows really well. 

2. Shame Shame

7/10 – The bands comeback single has a proper nice groove to it, but at the same time, it has a very haunting quality. I thought at the time it was a brave song to comeback with, but I think it’s a grower, it’s definitely grown on me that’s for sure.

3. Cloudspotter

6/10 – I love how this one changes pace, you think it’s going to be a slow deep song with duo vocals, but it quickly speeds up and turns into the Foo’s we all know and love. Has a very raw sound to it and was a very enjoyable song to listen too, but not my favourite on the album.

4. Waiting on a War

8/10 – Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Lovely acoustic guitar to start the song of, Dave singing elegantly. I love how the band have in recent albums used more instruments to create a bigger and better sound. I believe it really shows on this one. It just gets louder and louder. Truly emphatic and shows a willingness to adapt and change you rarely see in older bands.

5. Medicine At Midnight

7/10 – A very groovy intro, again. It really doesn’t sound like Foo Fighters but I suppose thats what makes this song for me. I love the use of keyboard on this, one that sounds big, atomospheric. The chorus is very catchy and in the midst of the tune is a beautiful guitar solo.

6. No Son Of Mine

7/10 – The second single the band released before the album and it is very different to ‘Shame Shame’. All three singles have been entirely different, which I have been a huge fan of, it shows the bands excellence in a number of ways and I believe this has brought back old fans as well as bringing in new ones. But this number is a standard Foo Fighters rock song. One that I think will be a fans favourite, it’s hard hitting, fast paced and just screams Dave Grohl.

7. Holding Poison

9/10 – Another big rock song from the band. The use of cowbell from Taylor Hawkins is excellent and had me tapping my feet along. This is a good song to dance & have a boogey to that’s for sure. Drums are outstanding on this one.

8. Chasing Birds

7/10 – Things are elegantly slowed down here, gracefully in-fact. It makes you feel all kinds of emotions, which I think is one of the best things about music. I feel this song will stay with people, have a certain meaning for them. 

9. Love Dies Young

8/10 – The Final song, the ending. A charismatic shredding guitar to start the tune off. It’s a rockier song, but not as powerful or loud as the others. It has quite an indie feel to it especially by Foo Fighters standards. One to get up & have a boogie too. Lyrically strong. A perfect end to what I consider a strong album. 

They came back with a louder, groovier sound. Pushed the boat out so to speak. A-lot of different style of songs on this, one’s to make you feel alive, fresh and ready to have a dance. I think the band have made music that they wanted to make, and after-all they’ve been together 25 years. It’s lovely to see that the creative spark is still there, long may it continue. I like that it’s 9 tracks. it’s true what they say, ‘Less is More’.


Words: Harry Collis

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